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Museum Exhibitions and Loans

Daniel Bibb supports museums through loans. Several pieces from the collection were part of the Fabergé Gallery at the New Orleans Museum of Art from 2007 until the gallery closed in 2012.

Fabergé from Southern Collectors

New Orleans Museum of Art

New Orleans, Louisiana :: 2007–2012

The following information about the exhibition was derived from the Arts Quarterly museum news magazine:

The Fabergé Gallery at the New Orleans Museum of Art was made possible by a group of Southern collectors. It was the largest and broadest range of Fabergé objects ever exhibited by the Museum.

Faberge room at the New Orleans Museum of Art
In the upper right of this image is an Imperial photograph of Czar Nicholas II of Russia taken while he was in Paris in 1905. It is seated in its original frame with Imperial crown of Russia at the top and measures over three-feet high. The image was made by his court photographer.

Loans came from friends of NOMA who owned Fabergé pieces, including Louisianians John Lolley and Ann Strachan, Atlanta collector Daniel R. Bibb, and Daniel Hodges, M.D., of Lafayette, Louisiana, who contributed many unique pieces.

There were a total of 82 objects on exhibition, not including 44 miniature Easter Eggs by Fabergé which were displayed on three separate objects: 13 on a miniature golden tree, 19 on a 17th-century gold Russian necklace and 12 on a bracelet. Some of the pieces had never been displayed publicly.

The installation included Fabergé Easter Eggs, a box in the form of an Easter egg, a pink clock set with pearls that was owned by the last Tsarina of Russia, a Bismark Box laden with 90 carats of diamonds, an Imperial Horse Guard helmet, cigarette and card cases, clocks, inkwells, letter knives, glue pots, photograph frames and stamp viewers.

Also included was an enamel and palisander wood frame containing a period photograph of the Grand Duchess Anastasia in court dress. Anastasia, of course, was one of the many victims of the Russian revolution.

17th Century Paintings by Court Painters

New Orleans Museum of Art

New Orleans, Louisiana :: 2007–2008

Several 17th-century portraits from the collections were loaned to the New Orleans Museum of Art for display at various times during the period. Click on the images below to see larger versions of the paintings on display.

The Grand Dauphin (son of Louis XIV), on display at the New Orleans Museum of Art
Louis II de Bourbon, Prince de Condé
(The Great Condé)

Louis Ferdinand Elle (?)

Depicted in half armor with the accoutrements of his position as a military commander and courtier to the court of Louis XIV.


Louise-Françoise de Bourbon, Duchess de Bourbon

Attributed to
Francois de Troy

Daughter of Louis XIV and Athenais de Montespan announcing her impending marriage.


Ferdinand II de Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany

Attributed to
Justus Sustermans

This painting is attributed to the Italian court painter Justus Sustermans and captures the Grand Duke of Tuscany at the height of his power.


The Grand Dauphin

Attributed to
Francois de Troy

The son of Louis XIV at around age 20 in a hunting outfit with his favorite dog.


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