Decorative Arts

Oviform Box in the Shape of an Egg

By the firm of Pavel Afimovich Ovchinnikov
(Active 1853–1917)
St. Petersburg
Silver, silver gilt, Cloisonné enamel,
cabochon garnet
Height: 4.5 in. (11.43 cm)
Diameter (at separation): 2.875 in. (7.3 cm)
Markings on interior flange and
interior of upper section
About the Piece

Modeled as a two-part oviform box in cloisonné enameled sterling silver; the box breaking one-third of the way up from the egg's base. The outer body cloisonné enameled in the Old Russian style in an overall pattern of interlaced turquoise strapwork enframing upright navette-form reserves centered by foliate scrolls and stylized flowerheads in rose, yellow, pale blue, lime green, ochre and lavender. Each of the two sections of the box set with six equidistant garnet cabochons surrounding a larger garnet cabochon at the apex of each section. The interior of the box is gilded.

Markings on the interior flange of the lower section of the box: Double-headed eagle; P. Ovchinnikov, in Cyrillic, within a Narrow oblong punch; kokoshnik head, all generally abraded from the repeated opening and closing of the box.

Markings on the interior of the upper section of the box: Markings are also on the interior of the upper section. See detail photograph below.

Detail Images


Upper Section

Lower Section

Interior Markings

Flange Markings

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