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Still Life with Flowers by Lajos Bardócz

Lajos Bardócz
Oil on canvas
Approx. 4 ft. high x 3 ft. wide,
inclusive of frame
About the Piece

This painting came from the collection of the Hungarian National Gallery. It has a white label on back, applied by the museum, with the stamp of Hungarian National Gallery. The stamp is half on and half off the label, for security. Stamped twice. The painting was relined post-1960, probably by the museum.

At the time of the relining, the painting was seated in a fine Louis XIV-style gilded frame of earlier date, probably the late 19th century, in which it remains currently. The painting is oversized for the frame, so a portion of the lower interior section of the frame was removed to accommodate the painting. About 4 inches of the painting is hidden by the frame.

The tag on back reads Magyar Nemzeti Galéria Budavári Palota, which translates to Hungarian National Gallery, which is the National Museum of Hungary.

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Gallery Tag

Detail of Flowers

Detail of Vase


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