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Important letter by Grigory Rasputin, hand-written and signed, mentioning his associate being sent away

Grigory Rasputin
Circa 1915
12 in x 12 in
51 cm x 51 cm
Written and signed by Rasputin
About the Piece

This letter, circa 1915, was written by Russian religious and political figure Grigory Rasputin and includes the original enveloped addressed to "Noble Prince Obolensky". It is written in Rasputin's typical style with bad grammar and poor spelling and tells that his most important associate, Simanovich, is being sent away. He seems to be saying that it is impossible to send a telegram to Simanovich, who must not stay in St. Petersburg. The last sentence of the letter suggests that he thinks some people have acted against him by informing, and that he has moved to take revenge.

He writes: "Dear graceful excuse me No Semonoviche's (sic) are to be send away and it is impossible to send telegram above and cannot be left in Petersburg these is a story. No they reported and are my victims earlier did not take and did not send away." The letter is signed ROSPUTIN in Russian.

Rasputin was assassinated at the end of 1916 and the Romanov dynasty fell soon after. Ironically, Simanovich survived the Russian revolution and later wrote a book about Rasputin.

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