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We invite you to experience various types of art and antique items from many different areas of interest, including baroque portraiture, paintings, works on paper, sculpture, rare historical documents, manuscripts and books. Daniel Bibb focuses in part on bringing to light recently discovered and attributed works of art, raising and answering questions on matters of authenticity.

A Commitment to Research

Research is an important part of Daniel Bibb’s work. Many of the items in the collections might have gone undiscovered were it not for the diligence and knowledge Mr. Bibb has gained over nearly three decades of immersion in the world of art and antiques. To learn more about items in the various collections, please visit the Research area of the web site. Learn more

Journey With Us into the Past

The collection encompasses a range of genres, including fine art, antiques, decorative arts, historic books manuscripts, Russian icons, antiquities and more. A selection of items from several categories is shown on the site, and pieces added on a regular basis. We invite you to return often and see new postings. View Collections

Traveling Exhibitions are Available

Daniel Bibb has assembled several traveling exhibits and makes them available for institutional exhibitions. The selection includes over 100 Russian icons, paintings, books and manuscripts, Russian items of interest, and more. Daniel Bibb is also available for lectures on subjects related to this web site. Learn more about the exhibits.

Preserving Art for Future Generations

Art conservation and restoration is an important part of Daniel Bibb’s work. Many items on this site are from centuries past and only through proper conservation methods will be they be available for generations to come. Learn More

Recent Additions

Laos Bardocz

Recent research resulted in the attribution of this still life, once exhibited in the Hungarian National Gallery, to Hungarian artist Laos Bardocz. More …

On Exhibit at the New Orleans Museum of Art

Pavel Afimovich Ovchinnikov

This Russian oviform box in the shape of an egg by the firm of Pavel Afimovich Ovchinnikov is part of Peter Carl Fabergé and Other Russian Masters, a new exhibit at the New Orleans Museum of Art. More …

Spotlight On ...

Large Russian Silver Box at New Orleans Museum of Art

View a slideshow of the Russian icon collection on exhibit the New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA). Included are rare religious works in brass, copper and enamel, many seated in original kiots. More …

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